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I am excited to begin a new journey in my path toward enlightenment. I want to help other people to Find Your God. Not many people truly spend a lot of time on God. He, She, It may be a Sunday phenomenon but that's it. After religious service we put God away till next week. However, there are those of us who truly live and breathe the Divine One every minute of every day! I have been doing so for years. It is a challenging but very rewarding journey. Come, take that journey!

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Love is all there is

God is Love Love is all there is All is One Following upon the first statement we must consider if God is Love and God is all there is, then what about hate, massacres, wars, and other man-made traged

God is Love

God is Love, Love is all there is, All is One (Bob’s theology) God is Love This is the first of my beliefs. I have struggled to define exactly what Love is. This word “Love” with a capital “L” is mean

Bob's Theology

My theology can be explained in 3 lines: God is Love Love is all there is All is One


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