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Love is all there is

God is Love

Love is all there is

All is One

Following upon the first statement we must consider if God is Love and God is all there is, then what about hate, massacres, wars, and other man-made tragedies?

We know the world is imperfect right? Or do we? Oxford languages has 2 pertinent definitions: “1. Having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be. 2. Free from flaw or defect in condition or quality; flawless”. I believe God to be flawless. She/He created a “perfect” world. If God is “All there Is” (a statement that must first be accepted as true), then we/this world must exist inside of God and therefore, perfect, or without fault. Heavy I know.

This world is make up of polar opposites. There are few things I can think of w/o an opposite: i.e., Love/Hate, hot/cold, light/darkness, construction/destruction; north/south. I believe that there are only two states of being in this world: Love and the Absence of Love. For example, cold is the absence of heat—cold does not exist on its own as is dry the absence of moisture. I believe we act out of a state of Love or the absence of Love. With this, Love (God) is all there is.

Why He/She created this “perfect” dichotomous world I do not know. The death and resurrection of Christ can be seen as the redemption of:

Sin (absence of Love) by Grace (Love)

Darkness Light

Fear Faith

Imperfection Perfection

Evil Good

I cannot justify, nor am I trying to, the horrific, mean, ugly, and terrible acts of human kind. However, I can understand from where it is coming. God has made us children of the light. Let your light shine!

Rev Robert Rice

Church of Natural Grace

June 12, 2022

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