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Impeccable Speech

Impeccable speech

Ruiz in his book, The Four Agreements talks about the power of words. Spoken and written words have the power to create build up or destroy and tear down. We can be uplifted by reading a loving story with a beautiful ending. Or conversely, we can be radicalized online and shoot people in a predominantly African-American grocery store. Build or destroy. I can relate as childhood scars from taunting has taken years to forgive and overcome.

Gossip is poison per Ruiz. When we listen to gossip--positive or negative--true or false--about others it predisposes us to judge them. Usually, gossip serves the purpose of making us feel better about ourselves or more superior to others. I believe it is out of our own hurt we choose to hurt others. We have all been the victim and villain of gossip. Myself included.

I've heard a phrase on a Christian radio station that has stayed with me. A woman spoke a phrase she learned, "Repeat only what is Necessary, Kind AND True". Think about it. We wouldn't be saying much at all. I've caught myself and kept silent with this admonition. Try it. It's very difficult. But you will see how much we talk nonsense and hurt other people.

I'm trying something else too. Thinking only thoughts that are kind, necessary, and true.

Rev Robert Rice

Church of Natural Grace


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